‘1923’ star Julia Schleffer on her character’s harrowing tugboat scene: “She chose this life, no matter what”

Eater alert! This story contains the plot details of the sixth episode 1923 On Paramount+.

They are not there yet.

Spencer (Brandon Schlenner) and Alex (Julia Shleffer) are on their way to see the Dutton clan in Montana, but the trip is delayed when their rickety tugboat (Capt. Prison breakof Peter Storm) collides with a giant ship. Fortunately, the aptly named Captain Shipley (game of thrones‘ Joseph Mawley), a gentle soul who marries the couple after receiving rings from dead sailors – and a small one around his neck.

Here, Schleffer explains how they shot those challenging water scenes after spending two blissful days on a beach in Kenya. and they ever Going to Montana? He promised that it was coming…soon.

DEADLINE Before we begin Alex and Spencer’s incredible journey, let’s take you back to when you were first cast.

Julia Schleffer My parents loved Yellowstone and 1883. I never saw any of them and they would bother me and my brothers to see them all the time. We were never going to watch it because we thought it was so funny they are We wanted to see it. Then I got the audition, read the script and of course fell in love with the story and the character. When I got the callback, Taylor Sheridan took me to Jackson Hole to do a screen test. I fell in love with Taylor as Spencer. After the audition we were all crying together in the audition room. He called me the next morning when I was at the airport and he said, ‘You’re Alexandra.’ I met Brandon Schlenner on the first day of Cowboys camp.

Deadline Oh, so you have to do Cowboy Camp!

SCHLAEPFER We were very lucky. Brandon and I got to do an extended cowboy camp because everyone was shooting in Montana. We had to fly to Africa with our crew a month or two ago. So we lived in Montana, just the two of us, and we would go to the ranch every morning and ride by ourselves. Then we want to have lunch and go to swimming training [for the capsized tugboat scenes]. It was like summer camp, really.

Deadline had you and Brandon jump into an intimate relationship very quickly.

SCHLAEPFER Brandon and I were very lucky in the casting. The chemistry you see on screen exists between the two of us. And there is such a deep level of trust, as with the characters. Spencer and Alex don’t really know why they’re so connected. Brandon and I have that. Taylor immediately put her trust in me and Brandon, really giving us the reins. I think it gave us the confidence to dive in.

When were you told you had to have a British accent?

SCHLAEPFER I knew right away. They auditioned me with a British accent. I studied pronunciation at NYU, so I have a base level of pronunciation going on. But then they got me this amazing dialect coach who helped me mention that he was 1920s royalty. When I went to my audition I was doing a modern British accent. We honored it with this Princess Margaret, Queen Elizabeth-type accent.

Deadline where are you and Brandon those beautiful shoots Like eternity from here Beach scene?

SCHLAEPFER Kenya. We were on the most beautiful beach in Kenya. It was the best two days of our lives. We were like two little kids and our director would literally shout from the beach, ‘We have to work.’ We were going so fast so our characters had a chance to just relax and have a moment of love and romance.

Deadline Where did you shoot that tugboat scene?

SCHLAEPFER All of this was in Malta, which actually has the world’s largest film water tank. It was freezing. Then their winter. We all thought it was going to be warm because Malta sounds like Italy – very warm. We shivered in the water tank all week, but it was a great bonding experience and a lot of fun.

While Deadline is stuck on the tugboat with Spencer, Alex gives a speech about how she refuses to be afraid. What was the meaning behind it?

SCHLAEPFER It was really important because when she decided to run away on an adventure with him, he really wanted it and the danger that came with it. But he did not understand what it meant and what it meant. He didn’t know what the world was like. We’ve seen all the things that happen to them, the lions and now the boat, and he’s absolutely shocked. She’s finding her strength that she’s never had to access before because she grew up in such a privileged upbringing. There are going to be more moments like this as they continue their journey. It’s going to be tough for them. He convinces himself that he will not be afraid. He chose this life no matter what. It’s going to be her and Spencer in the end.

One of your last lines in the episode Deadline was about how you go wherever Spencer goes, even if it’s ‘the death of me.’ What did you read in that?

SCHLAEPFER Taylor doesn’t write anything he doesn’t mean! When I first read that, I was like Ah oh. I continue to not really know what is going to happen to her. We do not know what is in store for them. I definitely think this means they have a lot more hurdles to overcome before the story ends.

The moment in the episode DEADLINE when the captain puts the ring around his neck is very touching.

SCHLAEPFER It was a special scene. We have to keep them. So Brandon and I both have our character rings with us. They gave us gifts after filming.

DEADLINE I know you can’t screw it up, but it must be a long time for the two of you to get to Montana.

SCHLAEPFER I know, everyone is so impatient online. I also want to go to Montana. I want to meet his whole family. I can’t tell you, but it will take some time. They have to cross the sea and they have to cross the land.

DEADLINE Where were you when you found out there would be a second season?

SCHLAEPFER Taylor had dinner with us one night and tried to tease out what was going on with our characters. Early on I think he realized he wanted to write more for us. They were whispering on set about a second season. We are so thrilled and pinching ourselves that we can do this.

Deadline Do you know how your character is related to Kevin Costner’s John Dutton?

SCHLAEPFER When we first went to Cowboy Camp everyone was speculating. There was much debate about the family line. We would all make fun of each other and try to figure it out. I was drawing a family tree on the back of my script. We don’t quite know. Taylor keeps all these things pretty secret until he’s fully ready to show us the scripts. But we have a very strong idea. That’s all I can say!

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