‘Aftersun’ became Mubi’s most streamed movie and crossed the box office milestone

Exclusive: Arthouse streamer and distributor Moobi has been shy about releasing performance numbers for its movies to date, but today we can reveal that BAFTA and Oscar hopefuls after the sun Became the company’s highest-grossing release worldwide.

We’re told the Paul Mescal-starrer has now surpassed the movie’s previous best performers Portrait of the Lady in Fire, The worst person in the world, drive my car, decision to quit, Shiva baby And TitanSome of which were released during the pandemic, a boom time for streamer engagement.

The film began streaming in the UK, Ireland, Italy, Latin America and other markets on January 6, 2023, and also became the top-viewing film of all time in these individual territories. It will join the platform in Germany, Austria and Spain in March and later in France.

Writer-director Charlotte Wells’ debut also blazed a trail for the movie at the theatrical box office, becoming the company’s highest grosser in the UK ($1.91M/£1.58) and set to overtake the film in the coming weeks. decision to quit to be its largest global theatrical release.

In the UK, the film is now the highest-grossing British independent debut submarine in 2011, and became the highest-grossing British female debut since Universal’s big-budget musical Mama Mia In 2008. The widest point of release in the UK was 315 films.

Mubi distributed the film through its in-house distribution team in the UK, Ireland, Germany and Latin America, then in Spain (with Elastica), France (with Condor), Austria (with Stadtkino Filmverleh) and the Netherlands (with September Film). For an international box office total for Mubi’s territories north of $3M.

The father-daughter coming-of-age drama has scored seven FIFA wins and is currently nominated for four BAFTAs and a Best Actor Oscar for Paul Mescal.

A24’s movie is in the US where it grossed $1.5M, impressive considering it has never played in more than 100 theaters at once. Mescal stars alongside breakout Frankie Corio in the acclaimed low-budget film in which a young girl reflects on the rare time she spends with her loving and idealistic father.

Mubi, which acquired German sales agency The Match Factory last year, has become one of the most aggressive arthouse buyers at festivals in recent years, headlining at Cannes, Berlin and Sundance. It recently acquired all rights to Ira Sachs’ Sundance title the passage For US, UK, Ireland and Latin America.

The company was founded by Efe Cakarel in 2007 and has high-profile author clients (among them Paul Thomas Anderson), and the support of industry and business leaders from companies such as Working Title, Goldman Sachs and Apple.

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