Andrew Scott and others join Jamie Foxx, Cameron Diaz in Netflix’s ‘Back in Action’

Exclusive: Netflix adds four to its action-comedy lineup Back in action, with Jamie Foxx and Cameron Diaz. New actors signed on are BAFTA winner Andrew Scott (CAetherine called Birdie) and Jamie Demetriou (Cruella), McKenna Roberts (Excitement) and Rylan Jackson (Dungeons and Dragons: Honor Among Thieves)

Diaz’s first feature story and character details since 2014 Annie wraps up but Kyle Chandler and Glenn Close are also up for the role, as previously announced.

Seth Gordon (Horrible bosses) is directing from his script written by neighbor‘ Brendan O’Brien. Producers are Geno Topping, Peter Chernin and Sharla Sumpter Bridget (Ford vs. Ferrari, hidden statisticsFor Chernin Entertainment, Beau Bauman (Central Intelligence) for the Good One production, and Gordon for the exhibition.

Scott won his BAFTA for his portrayal of the villainous Jim Moriarty on the BBC. Sherlock and also scored an Emmy nom for one episode black mirroras well as a Golden Globe nom and a Critics’ Choice Award for his portrayal of The Priest Fleabag. The actor has recently acted in Lena Dunham’s film Catherine Birdie says And as the big screen titles are displayed 1917, Alice through the looking glass And Spectreamong many other notable TV credits His Dark Materials, modern love, John Adamsand Emmy-nominated TV movies Oslo And I am happy today From HBO and Prime Video.

Demetrius has won three BAFTA Awards for sitcoms Stat lets flat, which he created and starred in for Channel 4/HBO Max. Additional TV credits for the actor include Apple TV+ The after partyHulu’s great And Four weddings and a funeraland TBS’s Miracle workers, to name just a few. Notable recent film credits include Catherine Birdie says, Cruella And The Electric Life of Louis Owen. Also coming in for Demetriou is Greta Gerwigs barbieAmong other projects.

Roberts was previously seen in action by Dwayne Johnson SkyscraperAnd see you soon barbie. TV credits included Excitement And timeless.

Newcomer Jackson is next Dungeons and Dragons: Honor Among Thieveswhich will hit theaters March 31 via Paramount after premiering at SXSW

Scott is repped by CAA, United’s UK agent and Johnson Shapiro Slawett & Cole; Demetriou by CAA, United Agents and MGMT Entertainment; Roberts by Osbrink Talent Agency and Vault Entertainment; and Jackson by A3 Artist Agency and Crackerjack Management.

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