Anne Hathaway stresses the importance of cinemagoing and embracing all forms of cinema “if this art form is to survive” – ​​Berlin

The Berlin Film Festival kicks off this evening with the gala world premiere of Rebecca Miller He came to me. Before the out-of-competition screening on opening night, Miller met the Berlinale press corps with cast members including Anne Hathaway, Peter Dinklage, Marissa Tomei, Joanna Kulig, and Evan Ellison.

Hathaway is also a producer on the multi-generational story set in New York, but she’s quick to note that even though it’s an independent film, her “heart beats for (all) films, and the more variety they have, the better.”

The Oscar winner clarified, “I think sometimes we think of these things as separate from each other. But right now I think the way we’re all participating in movies and the way we’re all uncertain about what the future of spectatorship culture is, I think it’s important to love all kinds of movies and to personally show movie theaters for all kinds of movies that we can do if this art form continues. remains.”

He came to me, which Miller scripted and which made its fourth iteration in Berlin, is billed as an exploration of “all kinds of love.” Miller commented today, “Love and hate are the two great motivators for man. Obviously love is more positive and I think that’s one thing that really transforms people and changes the course of their lives.”

The film follows a composer (Dinklage) suffering from writer’s block who rediscovers his passion after an adventurous one-night stand; As well as some gifted teenagers who struggle to prove to their parents that their young love is something that can last forever; And a woman who seemingly has it all for whom love comes in the most unexpected places.

Some of the cast shared different experiences while taking on their roles. For Dinklage, choices “have a lot to do with where you are in your own life — creatively, non-creatively — and Rebecca brought it to the perfect point in my life… I couldn’t have played this part 20 years ago or twenty years from now. ” The 53-year-old star waxes philosophical, “I wonder if I want to be an actor for the next 30 years… It’s a common story when you hit 50 and there’s a thorn in the road.” However, he plans to retire. “You either wait for inspiration or you look for it. I want to find it.”

Tomei, for his part, had long wanted to work with Miller. “His movies always made me laugh but also had depth.” When Tomei received the script, he immediately called Miller “laughing and screaming.”

Hathaway compared his participation He came to me The Fate actress auditioned for Miller as a teenager, and although the project was not meant to be, Hathaway recalled leaving the room “feeling a sense of destiny about him. I always held out hope that we would find the right thing for each other.”

Earlier tonight, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky will participate in the opening ceremony He came to me Prada Miller commented, “I hope this film is a kind of goodwill ambassador… I think film-making is a kind of patriotic work to show different aspects of the country.One of the ways we can possibly have a more peaceful world is to get our art across countries talking to each other.”

He came to me Produced by Damon Cardassis, Pamela Koffler, Christine Vachon, Rebecca Miller, Len Blavatnik and Anne Hathaway. Protagonist Pictures is handling international sales and CAA is repping North America.

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