‘Anyara’ directors Pella Kagerman and Hugo Lilja set up next feature ‘Egghead Republic’ with non-stop entertainment

Exclusive: Anya Filmmakers Pella Kagerman and Hugo Lilja have found their next project.

The director will return to feature film making with the duo Egghead RepublicA satirical coming-of-age story based on Kazarman’s experiences for Vice magazine and novel. Gelharten Republic dieBy Arno Schmidt

The story takes place in an alternate reality where the Cold War has not ended and Soviet Kazakhstan has been hit by a nuclear bomb. A young Swedish club kid — working for the world’s most popular magazine — is tasked with reporting from the restricted area.

The film will begin shooting in Gotland and Stockholm this spring. Kågerman and Lilja also wrote the picture. Nina Lund is producing for You Saved Me AB. Co-producers are Film Stockholm, Gotland Film Fund and Film i Dalarna.

Nonstop Entertainment will co-produce and distribute Egghead Republic Among the Nordics.

“Getting a jump on this radioactive creature is something we’ve been looking forward to and we haven’t been this excited in quite a while,” Kegerman and Lilja said. “We can’t wait to let audiences ride with us on this over-the-top adventure. Poetic and dumb is what we’re aiming for.”

Jacob Abrahamsson, CEO of Nonstop Entertainment, added: “We are thrilled to co-produce and distribute something from the unique creative minds of Pella and Hugo. Anya As well as their shorts. Egghead Republic It’s a unique project that stands out both script-wise and production-wise, we wouldn’t miss this opportunity for the world.”

Last feature of Kågerman and Lilja AnyaA screen adaptation of Nobel laureate Harry Martinsson’s novel of the same name, it was nominated for 4 Guldbagge Awards, Les Arcs Cineeuropa Awards and a European Film Award.

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