Audiovisual producer Finland announces series slate for Berlin and new ‘Focus on Finland’ art event

Exclusive: Audiovisual Producers Finland (APFI) announced today that the slate of new series is being brought to Berlin by its members (Scroll down for the complete listAlongside a new art event titled Focus on Finland held during the festival.

Focus on Finland will be an official part of the Berlinale series market schedule and the ‘Why Series?’ There will be an industry panel on which will focus on Nordic scripted comedy and drama series.

The panel will take place on February 20 at the CinemaxX Theater in Potsdamer Platz and will feature author Brendan Foley (The Man Who Died), producer Jackie Larkin (Strike), Commissioner Artu Nurmi (modern man), and distribution executive Jean-Michel Cieszewski (Aruba in the forest) The panel will be moderated by Marike Muselaers, Chief Content and Partnerships Officer, Lumiere Group.

“This year we’re focused on expanding the industry and audience’s understanding of what Nordic noir does,” said APFI Executive Director Laura Kulasma.

“It’s not just made up of moody crime thrillers – although they have a very strong backbone – comedy plays a big part in Finnish storytelling and entertainment. We have a funny side and can also travel comedy! Our Berlinale panels and events aim to bring you a taste of what’s to come for another big year in Nordic content.

Founded in 2018, Audiovisual Producers Finland Film represents 120 independent Finnish production companies involved in the production of drama series, TV formats, documentaries, animation and commercial films.

The APFI series bought in Berlin includes modern neo-noir Mr. 8which debuted at the Canneseries 2021 where it won awards for Best Series and Best Performance.

APFI Berlin Slate:
The Man Who Died, Seasons 1 and 2
Series – The Man Who Died (Orig. Miss, Joka Kuoli)
Production Company – RealMedia
Producers – Markku Flink, Johanna Enasuo (Season 2)
Screenwriter – Brendan Foley
Director – Samuli Valkama

66th North Precinct, Season 1
Series – 66th North Precinct (Original.
Production Company – Yellow Films and TV
Producers – Jackie Larkin and Oli Haikka
Screenwriter – Timo Varpio
Director – Teppo Iraksinen

Stop Nyqvist, Season 1
Series – Stop Nyqvist (orig. Pysäyttäkää Nyqvist)
Production – Yle
Producers – Lisa Palmeroth, Pekka Ruhoranta
Executive Producer – Jarmo Lampella
Screenwriters – Timu Kaskinen and Heikki Kaskinen
Director – Juha Lankinen

Mr. 8, Season 1
Series – Mister8 (orig. Mister8)
Production Company – It’s Alive Films
Producer – Jani Poso
Screenwriters – Vesa Bharatanen, Antero Jokinen, Timu Nikki
Director – Timu Nikki

Bona Fide, Season 1
Series – Bona Fide (Orig. Bona Fide)
Producer – Peteri Vapula
Screenwriter – Anna Brotkin
Director – TBA
Production Company – Yellow Films and TV

Cremé de la Cremé, Season 1
Series – Cremé de la Cremé (orig. Ylä-Savon kerma)
Producer – Jukka Vidgren
Screenwriters – Jukka Vidgren, Hena Rinnekangas, Topi Koljonen, Juso Latio
Director – TBA
Production Company – Mutant Koala Pictures

Psychic 3, Season 3
Series – Psychic 3 (Psychic 3)
Producer – Jani Poso
Screenwriters – Timu Niki and Jani Poso
Director – Timu Nikki
Production Company – It’s Alive Films

Mobile 101, Season 1
Series – Mobile 101 (Original. Made in Finland)
Producers – Tina Pessonen, Minna Haapkila, Olli Suominen
Screenwriters – Marit Lalli, Jirki Vaisanen, Lasse Vieriko, Karina Hazzard, Leo Virret
Director – Morit Lally
Production Company – Rabbit Films Ltd

Money Shot, Season 1
Series – Money Shot (orig. Money Shot)
Producers – Johanna Tervainen, Samuli Norhoma
Screenwriter – Gemina Jokisalo
Director – Timu Neukanen
Manufacturing Company – Solar Republic Way

Reindeer Mafia, Season 1
Series – Reindeer Mafia (original. Poromafia)
Producers – Lisa Pentil-Asikainen and Pete Eklund
Screenwriter – Mika Kurvinen
Director – Mika Kurvinen
Production company – Kaiho Republic

Teen Camp, Season 1
Series – Teen Camp (Original Teen Camp)
Producer – Jenny Ripatti
Screenwriters – Jenny Ripatti and Itu Helenius
Director – TBA
Production Company – Wildhog Productions Limited

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