Distribution workshop to sell Lunar New Year hit ‘Hidden Blade’, Wong Ching-po’s ‘The Pig, the Snake and the Pigeon’ at EFM

Taipei-based international sales company Distribution Workshop will sell the Lunar New Year hit Invisible BladeThe highly-anticipated new film, starring Tony Leung Chiu-wai, and Wong Ching-po, Pigs, snakes and pigeonsat the upcoming European Film Market (EFM) in Berlin.

Directed by Cheng, Invisible Blade A spy thriller set in Shanghai during World War II and starring Wang Yibo (Born to fly) and Zhu Jun (Our time will come)

According to Artisan Gateway figures, the $45m production has grossed $116.6M so far since its release on the Lunar New Year holiday on January 22.

The film is the third installment of the “China Victory Trilogy” produced by Beijing-based Bona Film Group. Chinese doctors And Battle of Changjin Lake. Known for crime dramas such as Cheng Lethal Hostage (2012) and The Wasted Times (2016).

Pigs, snakes and pigeons Produced by Lee Lih, one of Taiwan’s biggest producers with credits including detention And the manga. Golden Horse Award winner Ethan Juan (the manga) with Ben Yuen leading the cast (Tracy), Chen Yi-Wen (the sun) and Jingle Wang (detention)

The story follows a fugitive who has been in hiding for four years after seeking revenge at a gang leader’s funeral. He plans to turn himself in, as he is diagnosed with cancer and has only six months to live, until he discovers that he is the third most wanted criminal on the police station bulletin board. He then decides to wipe out the top two most wanted criminals so he can die with top honors.

The film is targeted for release in the second half of 2023. Wong Ching-po is known for stylish crime thrillers such as Once Upon a Time in Shanghai (2014) and mob sister (2005).

Distribution Workshop is also handling sales for Taiwanese filmmaker Chan Ching-lin. Coo-Coo 043which won Best Film and Horror Film at last year’s Golden Horse Awards AntikalpaDirected by Philip Shih and starring Guan Zhi Huang and Regina Lei.

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