‘Elvis’ star Luke Bracey helms innovative Oz thriller ‘Mercy Road’ for EFM – producer Alex Prowas and director John Curran

Exclusive: Elvis And dot break The under-the-radar psychological thriller that stars Luke Bracey has wrapped Mercy Road, Written and directed by John Curran (Chappaquiddick).

Bracey will play a flawed everyman who commits an emotional and heinous crime. On her journey to redemption, she learns how far she is willing to go to save her child. Above is the first look of the film.

Script by Chris Pelletier and Jesse Heffring also by Susie Porter (freight)Huh Higginson (Nightingale) and Toby Jones (tinker tailor soldier spy).

The film is produced by Arclight Films’ Gary Hamilton, Ying Yeh and Michelle Krum with filmmaker Alex Prayus (I am a machine), Penny Carlin and Daniel Jario are also producers.

Arclight Films is handling international rights and has begun selling the complete film to the European film market. Arclight Films is representing North American rights in association with CAA Media Finance.

According to the producers, the project is the first fully virtual Australian feature film shoot, produced in partnership with Prowse’s virtual film production company, the Heretic Foundation. The production included performing real time on-camera compositing on set and shooting against specially created LED screens to capture the film’s world through Unreal Engine.

The film is co-produced with Hianlo Films and financed by Rainmaker Films, Icon Film Financing, Media Finance Capital Screen NSW PDV Scheme and Filmology Finance.

Mercy Road Really pushed the boundaries of new technology and delivered its innovations. By adapting our original production plan and using virtual production, we had 100% control over the environment which meant a faster shooting schedule and a safer space for the cast and crew to work in,” said producer Michelle Krum.

Director John Curran, who is better known Track And We don’t live here anymore, added: “The film is an account of the last moments of a man’s life. Luke is remarkable as a man on the edge of sanity.”

“Morcy Road A gripping thriller brought to life by our amazing director John Curran. The film’s star Luke Bracey is one such exceptional talent who simply lights up the screen and takes the audience along for a wild ride. It is a visually stunning and unique film that uses state-of-the-art technology, which is incredibly attractive to buyers worldwide,” commented Gary Hamilton of Arclight Films.

Bracey is repped by CAA, Fourward, and Goodman, Genow, Schenkman, Smelkinson & Christopher, LLP.

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