German DCM and Flute film to adapt French prodigy Edouard Louis – EFM’s acclaimed novel ‘History of Violence’

Exclusive: German distributor-producer DCM, whose releases include spencer, moonlight And the artistBerlin-based producer Flute Film is teaming up on a film version of Eduard Lewis’ acclaimed 2016 novel. A history of violence.

The autobiographical novel, translated into 30 languages, is the second of the remarkable French novelist Louis II. Based on a true story, it concerns a violent rape and robbery in Paris on Christmas Eve and the subsequent recounting of the events to the police and family members.

The German-language film version has a script by Dan Kittrosser, best known for the Sundance drama we are animals. Igor Pliske (conversion) will manage. Lisa Stutzky (System Crasher) Casting Director and Sarlisa Bhalam (silent forest) associate producer.

Producer Christopher Zwickler (magic flute) and Dario Suter (Kon-tiki), who has optioned the rights to the book, will discuss the project with potential finance and distribution partners at next week’s EFM. DCM will distribute in Germany and filming is slated for this year.

A recent stage adaptation of Thomas Ostermeyer’s novel premiered at Schäubühne Berlin and St. Anne’s Warehouse New York.

Lewis’ acclaimed debut novel End of AD Published in 2014 when the author was only 21. It was loosely adapted into a movie by Anne Fontaine Reinventing MarvinStarring Finnegan Oldfield.

The author grew up in a poor family supported by government welfare. Attitudes towards poverty, racism, alcoholism and his own homosexuality would influence his work. He was the first in his family to attend university and in 2011 was admitted to two of France’s most prestigious higher education institutions.

Producer Christopher Zwickler said: “Although the original story is set in Paris, the subject matter that Eduard describes is universal and ever-present. We are grateful that Eduard has placed his trust in us. We are confident that, like the novel, the movie will touch and strike a chord with a wide international audience.”

Zwickler produced the most recently magic flute F. With Murray Abraham. With Roland Emmerich, he co-founded the German marketing agency Flimer, which was acquired by the French media company Webdia (Alokine).

DCM has recently produced German-language films Sachertorte Amazon and for Bibi and Tina: Einfach Anders. 2022 acquisitions included Felix van Groningen’s Cannes hit eight mountains.

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