International Insider: EFM Nears; Turkey-Syria Earthquake; ‘Aftersun’ is rising; Global breakouts; Basil’s back

Good afternoon Insider, Max Goldbert here. Berlinale is almost upon us and a lot is going down in the world of film and TV this week. to read.

EFM is close

A welcome return: The European Film Market in Berlin was the last major physical market to take place in 2020 as the world began to shut down as the Covid-19 pandemic took hold. The virus will force the event online in 2021 and 2022 Finally, this year, the market returns to private events, with thousands of industry professionals preparing to once again descend on the market’s traditional home, Gropius Bau, for 2023. Edition, running February 16-22.

to heat, to heat: The market is already starting to heat up, with the first high-profile packages arriving this week Mike Fleming had the scoop that Sacha Baron Cohen and Keke Palmer would star. super toyA new film written and directed by David O. Russell, while Andreas reports that Jude Law and Nicholas Hoult are attached to lead the true-crime movie. sequenceFrom Australian filmmaker Justin Karzel (Macbeth) and AGC Studio. Other hot packages include Anthony Hopkins Glenn Powell (Top Gun: Maverick) for the remake of the Argentinian action thriller 4X4 ZQ Entertainment and Raimi are producing, and Steve Coogan is attached to star Penguin lessonwith The Full MontyPeter Cattaneo is directing from a screenplay by Jeff Pope. Meanwhile, the Mail breaks the news that Canada’s APL Films has acquired the sale of the Palestinian-Canadian LGBTQ+ drama polarized And Reel Suspects boarded the Belgian Donald Trump-inspired dark comedy Crump. More announcements will be made in the coming days as the industry moves to Berlin. Keep your eyes peeled for our round-the-clock coverage.

Turkey-Syria earthquake

Search and rescue operations continue in Turkey after two major earthquakes struck yesterday

Avrim Aydin/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

Quiet week: A big dose of perspective came after a devastating 7.8-magnitude earthquake struck Turkey and Syria that at last count claimed at least 21,000 lives, according to Reuters. Rescuers are still searching through the rubble for people trapped as we write and frustration is mounting. Turkey’s TV and film community has stepped up and is providing financial support and resources to those affected by the earthquake, with producers’ association Tesiyap saying work is being carried out “as quickly as possible”. “Most of our member producers shared with us that they took a break from the movie set for a while to support their charity work,” Tassiap added in the statement. The earthquake has dominated news bulletins for the past few days and is a stark reminder of the devastation that natural disasters can cause. The likes of Doctors Without Borders, the Syrian American Medical Society and the White Helmets are collecting aid and donations. To learn more about how you can help, you can visit the UNICEF website.

‘Aftersun’ is rising

A24/Courtesy Everett Collection

Mubi On Up: Indie Smash After the sun Already showered with BIFA wins, BAFTA noms and an Oscar nod for beloved Irish heartthrob Paul Mescale, this week breaks new ground for the movie. Andreas broke the news on Wednesday that Charlotte Wells’ surprise debut is now the company’s most streamed release worldwide — not a bad feat considering the competition. Portrait of the Lady in Fire, The worst person in the world, drive my car And decision to quit. After the sun In good company on a platform that has cultivated a reputation for carrying some of the hottest indie films in recent years It will overtake Park Chan-wook in the coming weeks decision to quit To be Mubi’s biggest global theatrical release. Since opening on January 6, the movie has been praised for its surprisingly confident nature and head-on treatment of issues like men’s mental health, and Mescal is an outside bet at the Oscars. Talking to the BBC today On Thursday’s show, Mescal – who is definitely not British – described Oscar’s nomination as “absurd” but said it provided welcome relief for his family as they go through a difficult time. A potential lad, he joked that even with Academy Award recognition, he couldn’t survive a sausage ad before his breakthrough role in Ireland. ordinary people. If he ever feels like he’s getting too big for his boots, a quick YouTube search for this gem brings Mr. Mescal back down to earth.

Global Breakout Timeline

Global breakouts

Resurgent ‘Reborn Rich’: We have a new strand! Every fortnight, Deadline Global Breakouts will bring you a TV show or film that’s killing it in its locale and analyze how the show achieved its phenomenal success, while delving deep into the state of the industry in the country. We started with Korea on Tuesday rich reborn, A much talked about revival drama which in recent weeks has become the second most watched cable show of all time in the country Here’s a deep dive to discover how Introduction-Like the drama, the financial commitment required to launch it and what’s coming next from the nation that launched it The squid game of the world. Stay tuned for your next fortnightly breakout.

Basil’s back

What is wrong? Reboots and remakes are all raves at the moment but Khabar a Defective tower Rob Reiner’s development project with Castle Rock Entertainment caught almost everyone off guard. More than 40 years after filming the second and final season (some would argue) of the greatest British comedy of all time, John Cleese is set to create and star in a third season with his daughter Camilla Cleese (Nepo Baby fans are now looking away). will do the EP for the show, which brings Cleese’s hapless hotel manager kicking and screaming into the 21st century, as she takes the reins of a boutique hotel in the Caribbean. Fawlty’s take on the modern world may resonate with the real-life Cleese’s public life over the past decade. He became a culture warrior, raging – often falsely – against British broadcasting’s desire to avoid repetition. Defective tower And Monty Python And a Channel 4 documentary and GB News are preparing to run a canceled culture/free speech programme. Speaking to GB News last night, Cleese said the reboot would definitely not end up at the BBC but had scotched the idea that it would focus on “The Awakening”. “The idea didn’t particularly come to me,” he said.

Kapoor’s ‘Night Manager’

Night manager

Night manager

Disney+ Hotstar

“With great power comes great responsibility”: Speaking of hotels, our Asia expert Liz Shackleton brings the skinny on India’s Anil Kapoor-starrer version of John Le Carré’s The Night Manager for Disney+ Hotstar. The adaptation is one of the most anticipated Indian remakes in recent years and director Sandeep Modi is already hoping to shoot the second season. “I keep having fun with Simon [Cornwell, Le Carre’s son and co-CEO of producer The Ink Factory] That we’ll make season two before you and you can use it for the English version,” quipped Modi, and Simon Cornwell concurred, saying he would “love to see season two.” Sandeep and Simon Liz took on the challenge of adapting one of the world’s best-known thrillers, which became a huge success when the Hugh Laurie-starrer UK version hit the screens in 2016. “With great power comes great responsibility,” opined Sandeep And in a separate interview, Kapoor told Liz that he drew on “everything I learned and didn’t learn” while making India. 24. Read here for Sundeep/Simon and here for Anil.

Useful items

winter king

April Alexander/Getty/Everett/Courtesy/Rocco Redondo

🌶️ Hot One: Cast in The Bad Wolf and ITVX Arthurian Legends winter king

🌶️ Another one: Fremantle is in talks to regroup The British have intelligence Indie themes with talkback.

🌶️ A third: Canada’s HighballTV unveiled a $15.6M slate of original indie films. Mail with this one.

🏢 Restructured: Kelly Day’s Prime Video EMEA, APAC and Americas Division. Barry Furlong and Gaurav Gandhi were given expanded roles.

👊 Record-smasher: Happy Valley The finale comfortably became the most watched UK show of 2023.

🏆 The award is the latest: World Trailer Awards regional winners set.

🖼️ Welding: evergreen friends Star David Schwimmer has joined Channel 4 Great celebrity bake off.

💺 the chair: BBC boss Richard Sharpe’s relationship with Boris Johnson remains in the spotlight and he faces a committee grilling.

🤝🏽 Partners: Whitney Director Kevin MacDonald and Banejoy label Workerby Group have tied a multi-project deal.

Among the problems: Korean hellish Star Yoo Ah-in is under police investigation for allegedly illegally using an anesthetic drug.

Footbaaaallll: Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney have no fairytale ending for Wrexham, whose FA Cup run was ended by Sheffield United.

🍿 box office: Shahrukh Khan’s send Topped $100M worldwide – first Bollywood movie to hit this milestone without releasing in China.

✈️ It has been sold to: Britbox snaps up the Wagatha Christie drama on Foxtel in North America, Foxtel in Australia and Channel 4 in New Zealand +HR=E Vardy vs Rooney.

🎥 Trail: for swarm, Frank Doelger’s big-budget European thriller that will premiere at the Berlinale series.

And finally… Ever wondered what it’s like to perform for 24 hours on a stage in London’s West End with 100 men? And no wonder, because this week’s Breaking Buzz sees Buzz Bamigboy getting the lowdown. Luther Star Ruth Wilson’s upcoming endurance performance, while our intrepid International Editor-at-Large provides a deep dive into the mud together. All is quiet on the Western Front.

Jack Ntim contributed to this week’s Insider

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