Jose ‘Pepe’ Baston has signed with John Pollack and Wilmer Valderrama’s Allied Management Group

Exclusive: Media mogul Jose ‘Pepe’ Baston is looking to expand his interests in the US after signing with Allied Management Group, the firm founded by former NBCU executive John Pollack and actor Wilmer Valderrama.

Baston, who spent three decades at Mexican media giant Televisa, signed with the company in partnership with Monica Gil and Carolina Aymerich’s CRE84U.

The goal is to grow the business of Bastion and its Elephantec Global Studio in the English-language market in the United States

Elephantec Global, which is based in Los Angeles, Bogotá and Mexico City and has ties across Latin America and the US, is behind projects such as the Miguel Bose biopic Bose and limited series La Rebellion and has a partnership with Fox-owned MarVista Entertainment.

This comes as US buyers look to increase their Latino-infused content.

Baston said, “Our goal is to create culturally relevant content not only for the global Latino audience, but also for a global audience, and we are confident that our alliance with John, Wilmer and Monica is an important element in reaching this audience in the US market. “

“Pepé is a generational talent behind one of the most influential and successful titles in Latin American history,” added Pollack and Valderrama. “Now the opportunity to work with him and the team at Elefantec is not only a thrill, but a necessity to ensure that authentic Latino-influenced stories reach the U.S. audiences that are eager for them.”

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