Kevin Costner Shares Unboxing Video Of Golden Globe Award He Won For ‘Yellowstone’ Amid Show Exit Report

Kevin Costner won a Golden Globe earlier this year for his work Yellowstone But due to heavy rains and floods in California at that time, he could not attend the award ceremony.

A few weeks after his win, Costner received his trophy in the mail and shared an unboxing video on Instagram.

“We couldn’t make it to the Golden Globes because we were cut off by the flood … and we felt so terrible about it and there was nothing we could do,” she said. “We’ve seen time, like sand in a bottle, fade away as our chances of getting there fade.”

Costner said the experience of watching the show at home was not the same but his wife tried to make it better by buying balloons to decorate their house and pretending they were at the Golden Globes.

The actor was nominated in the Actor in a Drama TV Series category for his portrayal of John Dutton in the Paramount Network series.

“We weren’t at one of the best parties in the world but we found ourselves together as a family,” he added. “And my children heard my name and they stood up and cheered.”

Costner continued to open the package and said he would do an unboxing “for all the people who supported me for the Golden Globes which I’m very happy about, I’ve known them for a long time, that international community and they’ve always been very kind to me and I couldn’t be there but it’s This award is why I’m going to open it in front of all my friends.”

Although the award is for his work in television series Yellowstone, Costner did not mention the show or the people he works with. Additionally, he reminisced about arriving in Hollywood and finding movies.

“When you first come to Hollywood you just want to get your first job and you see these things and even wonder if you’ll ever get a room like that,” he said. “It’s really nice to have it, there’s no substitute for being there. But my wife made a night for us and all those balloons and now I’m holding it. For everyone who has supported me, for the Hollywood foreign press, what I have done this year is enough to think about and I am very happy to have found cinema in my life. That made a difference. I don’t know what would have happened to me without movies. Thank you all.”

Costner’s video comes after Deadline recently reported that he was leaving Yellowstone And Dutton wants to continue the saga with a spinoff starring Matthew McConaughey.

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