Launches ‘House of 1212’ talent agency to effect positive change

Four partners today announced the formation of The House of 1212, a full-service talent agency representing creators, thought-leaders and innovators who are affecting positive change.

Rula Jabri (Founder and CEO), Brittany Lukes (Co-Founder and President), Blair Zierke (Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer), and Jay Sethi (Co-Founder and Partner) are behind the firm. It will handle talent introductions, brand partnerships and brand extensions for a roster of artists, musicians, athletes, models, actors and podcasters.

“1212’s home is purpose-built,” said a joint statement from the founders. “Here we have created a home for clients who want to amplify their voice and express their inner greatness so that they can make a positive impact on the world. As a team, we are driven by the desire to transform the industry by establishing purpose-driven partnerships, creating unique concept ideas for our talent.”

Shetty will use House of 1212 by WME to complement their services with more curated opportunities from a bespoke agency. Sethir 2n.d book – The 8 Laws of Love – How to Find It, Keep It and Let It GoReleased last week by Simon & Schuster.

House of 1212 will provide a home for talents who want their voice to make a difference in the world. Derived from numerology ‘1212’, (also known as an angel number), it is a powerful number that symbolizes abundance, organization and harmony, with a focus on prosperity, growth and knowledge.

Cofounder and CEO Jabri brings six years of experience in building startups and focusing on strategic partnerships to accelerate scale and growth. Earlier, he was Jay Shetty’s Chief of Staff – overseeing strategic business initiatives and managing its day-to-day operations.

Co-founder and President Luke’s focus will be creative strategy, business development and talent relations. Previously, Lukes spent the past five years at Alo Yoga creating intentional brand partnerships between the wellness community and surrounding industries, including beauty, entertainment, fashion, hospitality, and food and beverage.

From technology startups to design firms, Zierke’s experience focuses on inclusion strategy and implementation and communications.

Sethi is a New Times writer, storyteller, life coach, podcast host and former monk, dedicated to helping people find their purpose. His mission: to serve humanity and make a difference in the world. His inaugural world tour – “Jay Shetty: Rules of Love” kicks off with its North American leg on February 21 in Philadelphia, followed by international dates in April and May.

House of 1212 with Amazon, Audible, Meta, Apple, Google, Spotify, Alo Yoga, Calm, BMW, Microsoft, Zoom, American Express, Skims, LinkedIn, Marriott, WholeFoods, Nike, Reebok, BetterHelp, Tonal, and Land Rover Works, among others.

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