Lizzo delivers emotional Grammy speech, credits Prince for inspiring her and calls Beyoncé “the artist of our lives”

Lizzo won the Record of the Year category at the Grammys About damn time. The artist took the stage and gave one of the most emotional speeches of the night where he cited Prince and Beyonce as his inspirations.

A visibly shocked Lizzo took the stage and said she wasn’t expecting to win and was just enjoying the show with Adele and “rooting for our friends.”

Lizzo began by saying that he wanted to dedicate his award to Prince because “when we lost Prince I decided to dedicate my life to making positive music.” The artist said that during this time “feel-good music was not mainstream at the time and I was very misunderstood.”

She continued, “I stayed true to myself because I wanted to make the world a better place so I had to be that change to make the world a better place. And now I look around and there are all these songs about loving our bodies and being comfortable in our skin. Feeling and feeling good and I’m so proud to be a part of that because there’s so much dark and so much scary sh*t in a world. I want to believe that not only humans can do good, we’re just good, we’re inherently good.”

“And for anyone who feels misunderstood at home or looks like me on the outside, just stay true to yourself because I promise you, you’ll find people, you’ll attract people into your life who believe in you and support you. “

Lizo then thanked her producers About damn timeBefore her team Lizzo and her parents turned their attention to Beyoncé to inform her that she had skipped school in 5th grade to attend a performance.

“You changed my life,” Lizzo told Beyoncé from the stage. “You sang that gospel medley and the way you made me feel, I was like, ‘I want to make people feel this way through my music.’ Thank you so much, you are clearly the artist of our lives.”

At the end, Lizzo started jumping up and down and yelled, “I won the Grammy,” as Beyoncé cheered her on.

Watch the full speech in the video posted above.

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