‘Magic Mike’s Last Dance’ tops the weekend box office

Channing Tatum is eyeing another opening at No. 1 in his February theatrical release canon with the Warner Bros. Steven Soderbergh-directed threequel. Magic Mike’s Last Dance with industry estimates in between $9M-$11M 1,500 in theaters. Warner Bros. is not reporting the numbers. almost friday $4.3M which includes an approx $1M Preview starting at 5PM. The film targets women during Super Bowl weekend, a time when the box office falls on Sunday.

This is the second title Warner Bros. is moving towards an exclusive theatrical release after New Line from HBO Max. House party, there is a lot of intrigue as to how far this branded movie can go in its limited release in 1,500 locations. On the low end, the film’s opening weekend will be higher than the Jennifer Lopez-Owen Wilson theatrical-day-and-date Universal romantic comedy from a year ago. marry me ($7.9M). At the high end, the threequel is not far from the previous installment’s 3-day (5-day debut), Magic Mike XXL. As we previously reported, rental terms were generous for exhibitors, at least 55% in their favor. Warners specifically curated the theaters that booked it, avoiding two plays in the same zone, thus creating demand. While there is speculation that the movie cost upwards of $40Ms, given the low P&A designed for an HBO Max movie, it is not true that Warners gave the movie a solid theatrical push significantly north of $20M. Critics gave Threequel the worst review of the three films, with 65% for Rotten Tomatoes vs. Part 2 and 47% for Part 1’s 78%. Current audience score for Rotten Tomatoes Magic Mike’s Last Dance 77%.

RelishMIx reports that Magic Mike’s Last Dance Has a social media universe of 100.5M followers across TikTok, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. “The Magic Mike Franchise feeds are cross-promoted Magic Mike Liveand is approaching the sub-genre norm for this musical, comedy, drama genre… Added significant views on TikTok are approaching 1B, adding ~8M views per day,” said social media stat org. Tatum’s 45.5 to M followers and Salma Hayek Pinault is promoting the movie to her 26.5M followers. RelishMix noted that Tatum’s YouTube channel was used to post a trailer for the threequel for the first time in ten years.

“While the convo is on Magic Mike The cultural lifestyle of movies, Vegas shows and reality series works positively for fans of the brand, mixing chatter with modern-day threads about health, wellness, body fat percentage references and Channing Tatum’s future at the brand. As well, moviegoers wonder if this is actually the last dance or a tease for the next generation Magic Mike,Adds RelishMix.

As the movie runs on weekends, we will provide a balanced assessment

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Paramount’s 25th anniversary re-release of James Cameron the titanic Looking in 3D $2.85M Today (with Friday previews) in 2,464 theaters and 3 days $6.4M In third place. The 1997 Oscar-winning movie is expected to land under 20th Century Studios/Disney’s this time around. Avatar: The Way of Water 3,065 theaters, which is in its ninth weekend $6.5M (-42%) after a $1.6M Friday (-30%).

Fourth place goes to Paramount 80 for Brady Which continues to sell tickets. The film ended its first week with $18.9M and is looking to take second Friday $1.7M (-63%) in 3,939 theaters and in its second weekend $5.6M (-56%) and running total by EOD Sunday $24.5M.

Knock on the cabin

“Knock at the Cabin” by Universal

Universal Pictures

Universal’s M. Night Shyamalan Thriller Knock on the cabin Its second Friday viewing $1.5M (-72%) and second weekend $4.6M (-67%) for the running total $22.5M. This time around, it’s a steep drop compared to Shyamalan’s second weekend the old (-59%, $6.8M second weekend). Knock on the cabin It ended its first week stateside with $17.8M.

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