Mark Hamill to sign ‘Luke Skywalker’ poster to raise funds for Ukraine

Mark Hamill wants to help the Ukrainian military maintain its supply of drones. So Mr. Luke Skywalker is going to start selling signed posters to raise cash.

“We decided to sign a limited number of Star Wars posters,” Hamill said when speaking to Politico. “For real hardcore collectors — especially those with disposable income — you can get a lot more money … than you can imagine.”

Details of where the posters will be sold have not been finalized. Hamill envisions an auction where competition drives up prices. Posters are expected to go on sale next week.

Hamill said he hasn’t sold autographed items since 2017, when Star Wars: The Last Jedi Coming out “isn’t something I do,” he said, claiming he was contributing to prolonging a war effort he called “nothing short of inspiring.”

Hamill said star wars taught him that such gestures were “doing the right thing for the good of all, not for self-interest.”

Hamill said he wasn’t downplaying the horrors of war. “A really fairy tale for children, that’s basically what it is star wars And the reality, the harsh reality of what’s happening in Ukraine, is painful.”

The actor said he was “thrilled” that the United24 fundraising project, a joint venture between the UK Armed Forces and United 24, had evolved into this “huge, global event”, saying that “anything I can do, no matter how small, I feel compelled to do something.” It has raised more than $353 million to date.

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