Oscar-nominated ‘EO’ gets streaming date on Criterion Channel

Exclusive: YeoFilmmaker Jerzy Skolimowski’s Oscar-nominated story about a wandering donkey has found a streaming home.

The film will debut Tuesday on the Criterion Channel as a title for subscribers and will be available for purchase or rent on Apple, Amazon and Vudu the same day.

Even after being in the theaters for almost four months, the film continues to move audiences. It is expected to cross $1 million at the North American box office by next week. The film is currently playing exclusively in theaters and offers hope for the niche sector, which hasn’t seen the across-the-board rebound in presence enjoyed by horror films and studio telcos.

This is the second release for Sideshow, the distributor behind drive my car, the similarly long-awaited theatrical title that earned nominations in multiple Oscar categories last year, including Best Picture. Sideshow and Janus Films headed to EO last June after its world premiere at Cannes, where it won a Jury Prize.

Yeo It is the first film in seven years for Skolimovsky, who is known for films very deep And moonlight. It follows the journey of the titular Donkey, who must deal with being evicted from a traveling circus, the only life he has ever known. He travels across the Polish and Italian countryside, experiencing a wide range of interactions. En route to an Oscar nomination for Best International Feature, the film gained notice for its cinematography by Michael Dymek and Pavel Mykitin’s score. The film won praise from several critics groups and made it to year-end top-10 lists.

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