Raquel Welch dies: ‘Fantastic Voyage’, ‘One Million Years BC’ and ‘Myra Breckinridge’ star was 82

Raquel Welch, 1960s and 70s big screen star who rose to film fame Fantastic Voyage, One Million Years BC, Myra Breckinridge And many others, died today after a short illness. He was 82.

Media 4 management representatives confirmed his death.

His career spans over 50 years, 30 films and 50 TV series and appearances.

Welch got his start as a TV weathercaster in San Diego before landing guest roles on classic TV series. McHale’s Navy, Enchanted, Virginia and others. Her breakout role came as Cora in the 1966 sci-fi film Wild nice trip, Opposite Stephen Boyd, Edmund O’Brien and Arthur Kennedy. It follows the adventures of a group that miniaturizes with a submarine and injects the bloodstream of a nearly-killed scientist in an attempt to save his life. But they only have an hour before they return to real form.

The film won Oscars for its visual effects and art direction/set decoration and became a cult classic. It maintains a 91% fresh rating on rotten tomatoes.

Welch then starred as a group of cave women in the 1966 British film A million years before Christ, Another wild tale is set in an era when humans and dinosaurs coexisted. A slightly censored version was released in the US, and the film became a TV staple in later years.

He starred in the London-set 1967 comedy opposite Dudley Moore and Peter Cook bedazzled and 1968 Westerns opposite James Stewart, Dean Martin and George Kennedy Bandolero! Welch’s next major film was starring Mae West and John Huston Myra Breckinridge. Based on the supposedly satirical Gore Vidal novel that was the first to have its main character undergo the sex-change process, the 1970 film follows his character’s journey to Hollywood in search of stardom and a cut of his wealthy uncle’s estate.

Firmly established as a movie star, Welch continued her big-screen career opposite some of the era’s biggest stars. He appeared in the 1972 cop comedy opposite Burt Reynolds fudge; With Richard Burton Bluebeard same year; Herbert Ross’ with James Coburn, Richard Benjamin and others Sheila’s last, Written by Stephen Sondheim and Anthony Perkins; and in 1973 opposite Chamberlain, Oliver Reed and Michael York The Three Musketeers. That film spawned a 1974 sequel, The Four Musketeers: Milady’s Revenge. He also starred in the 1976 ambulance-crew romp opposite Bill Cosby and Harvey Keitel. Mom, jog and speed.

Among his other films were Dr Kansas City BombersThe 1972 drama was set in the then-popular world of roller derby container of love (1971) and toplining the West Haney Calder With Robert Culp and Ernest Borgnine.

Welch also appeared twice on Broadway. The first time was in 1981, when he enrolled for Lorraine Buckley’s vacation Woman of the Year. In 1997, she played the lead role of Victoria Grant Victor/VictoriaReplaced original star Julie Andrews.

Welch has never been shy about fighting for herself and her place at the Hollywood table. In that context, he made a very different set of headlines in the 1980s when he sued MGM for dropping him from performing with Nick Nolte. canary row

Based on the work of John Steinbeck by David S. Set to play a sympathetic prostitute in the Ward-helmed movie, Welch was dropped from the project by the studio for breach of contract. She insisted on doing her hair and makeup at home before arriving on set every day.

MGM said no and replaced Welch with Debra Winger.

After trying to make peace with another role and being rejected by the studio run by David Begelman, Welch struck back and sued MGM for $24 million.

Making headlines around the world, Welch alleged in her suit that the studio made and financed the movie around her and then used the hair-and-makeup controversy as a way to get a young actress to play Hooker.

The matter dragged through the courts and appeals, but Welch was finally awarded a $10 million judgment in 1987 – which of course created a whole new headline for him.

Welch’s film career waned in the late 1970s and she began doing more TV work. He appeared in a couple of season 2 episodes Mark and Mindy episode with Robin Williams in 1979 and continued to appear in telefilms throughout that decade and the 1980s. Among his high-profile roles of the era was the title character The Legend of Walks for Women, 1982 NBC telepic about a woman who kills her abusive husband.

Most recently, Welch played himself in the classic 1997 Seinfeld Episode “Summer of George.” In it the actress mistakenly presents a Tony Award to Michael Richards’ Kramer, with an unexpected backlash. It was the penultimate episode of the all-time series.

More to comeā€¦

Dominic Patten contributed to this report.

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