Reel suspects Belgian Donald Trump-inspired dark comedy ‘Crump’ – EFM

Exclusive: The Paris-based genre specialist has sold to Belgian black comedy Crump The fate of a former porn actor, who embarks on a seemingly hopeless mission to raise 50,000 euros when his The girl was kidnapped.

The film is the first feature of French-born, long-time Brussels-based director Cédric Bourgeois after a raft of half-dozen shorts. laura And Dreamcatchers.

Veteran Belgian actor Jean-Benoît Uguex plays a krump who turns to his former acquaintances in the porn world to collect ransom money against time in the underbelly of Brussels nightlife.

Other cast members include Jean-Jacques Roussin (Death by death), Babetida Sadjo (Ritual, attractionStunt woman and actress Barbara Hellemans (Corsage, Dumbo) and Ingrid Heiderscheit (Employee of the Month)

Bourgeois and Ugex, and director Javier Cerrone co-wrote the screenplay with inspiration from the image of President Donald Trump after he was defeated in the 2020 election.

Erica Maeda and David Bourgeaud’s Rou Libre executive produced. Their previous credits include the Sundance 2021 title Mother Schmuckers co-producer Philip Logie (The pod generation, the titan), tangui decasar (The pod generation, DalvaSibylle Seys-Smets (16 years, Dalva), Yves Suenen (16 years)

Feature World premiered at the Brussels International Film Festival last summer and made its market debut at EFM.

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