Salma Hayek is interested in comedy, but was only considered for sexy roles, she claims

It all started with that scene From dusk till dawn In 1996. As everyone who saw the film remembers, Salma Hayek stole the show playing snake-dancing vampire stripper Santanico Pandemonium.

It was an unforgettable movie moment. But, as Hayek says GQ hype Regarding the scene, it’s typecast him.

“I felt insecure [and] Just wanted to get through it,” Hayek recalled. “It was a really small part, but to my surprise, people really remember that moment.”

Even after his Oscar nomination in 2002 Frida, her star turn as Frida Kahlo, “the kind of roles people offered me didn’t change at all,” Hayek said. “I really struggled and I thought that was going to change, but no.”

Riding to the rescue was Adam Sandler.

“All my life I wanted to do comedy and people wouldn’t give me comedy. I couldn’t land a role until I met Adam Sandler, who cast me in (2010’s) the elders), she recalls. But I was in my forties! They said, ‘You’re sexy, so you have no sense of humor.’ Not only were you not allowed to be smart, but you weren’t allowed to be funny in the ’90s.”

Hayek admits that the time saddened him.

“But now here I am doing every genre, at a time in my life where they told me I was going to expire – that I’d been out of business for the last 20 years. So I’m not sad, I’m not angry; I’m laughing.”

The next film for Hayke Magic Mike’s Last DanceWhere she can show both sides of her skills: sexy and funny.

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