‘Shadow Chaser’: Luke Sparks directs modern take on Charles Dickens for The Beekeeper and Concourse

Exclusive: Australian filmmaker Luke Sparks is set to direct the epic adventure Shadow Chaser Steve Lee Jones for B Holder Productions and Matthew Schrader for Concourse Media. A fall shoot is planned in Australia as casting continues.

Shadow Chaser A modern and fresh take on one of Charles Dickens’ most famous works, with notable characters such as Ebenezer Scrooge and Jacob Marley. The story is an adrenaline-fueled thrill ride as these characters team up with Oliver Twist and a young Dickens to save Old London from impending doom. The script was written by George Mahaffey, the writer behind the recently completed spy thriller B Holder station master Starring Aaron Eckhart.

Concourse Media

B Holder and Concourse are producing in association with Spark Films and Australian producers Carmel Emery and Carly Spark. Concourse will co-finance and represent worldwide rights.

“Luke breathes incredible VFX magic into stunning looking films while telling layered and emotional stories,” said Jones. “He’s an exciting new filmmaker who delights in creating high production values, and he’s sure to bring magic to this well-known international property.”

Schrader told Deadline: “Dickens’ novels are still among the most beloved and this uniquely modern take pays homage to the classic collection, making it accessible to new audiences around the world, both young and old.”

Spark added: “It’s Dickens, but you’ve never seen it before. It’s something that instantly grabbed me and drew me into this action- and mystery-filled world. It’s exciting to get involved with the team and start bringing it to life.”

Jeremy Christensen is co-producing for B Holder and Grant Mohrman is executive producing for Concourse. Bee Holder and Concourse are partners in upcoming projects the tunnel And MidairBoth fast-paced thrillers are set in Budapest.

Spark is the acclaimed director and producer occupation And Occupation: Precipitation Film series.

Mike Weiss is representing the producers at AGMB Law. Replaced by Spark Creation Management.

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