Showtime Eyeing ‘Dexter’ Prequel Series About Trinity Killer

A Dexter Showtime is considering a prequel series about the Trinity killer, with two spinoff projects receiving straight-to-series orders following the announcement.

Not much has been revealed about the Trinity Killer project, except that it focuses on the creation of the infamous serial killer played by John Lithgow in the original series. Lithgow has previously mentioned that Trinity is a character he is asked about most often, and most fans admit how terrifying it was to watch.

The remaining two projects are in between Dexter: Origin And its next chapter Dexter: New blood. origin will focus on young Dexter Morgan (originally played by Michael C. Hall) at the beginning of his transformation into a vengeful serial killer. Set in Miami, the series will begin as Dexter graduates college to attend Miami Metro, where he meets younger versions of many of the characters we’ve come to know in the OG series. Dexter’s family will also be depicted, including an ultra-alive Harry (originally played by James Raymer) and a very strong, teenage Dev (originally played by Jennifer Carpenter).

There is no word on whether Raymer will reprise the role.

A new season new blood It will explore the same themes and scenarios seen in the original series but through a new lens. Although not confirmed, based on the Season 1 finale, the new lens provided will be from Dexter’s grown son Harrison (Zac Alcott).

Showtime on Monday revealed that there are other characters in the franchise being considered for spinoff projects, though none outside of Trinity have been named.

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