Tanveer has expanded into global sales of vernaculars; Inaugural EFM slate includes Greek TV hit ‘Red River’ and Egyptian rom-com ‘#Gwezni’

Exclusive: Athens-based audiovisual group Tanveer is expanding its business into global sales of local language content, starting with an opening slate at EFM.

The new operation will be led by Tanveer’s senior vice president Aruziya Khan and executive Eliana Eliopoulos, who will both be based on the ground in Berlin.

So far, Tanveer has focused primarily on manufacturing at home and procuring satellite weapons in Greece’s own territory, as well as in Turkey, India and the Middle East.

The inaugural sales slate includes the epic 32-episode historical drama series red riverDescription of Ottoman persecution of Greek communities living in the Pontus region of northeastern Anatolia in the early 20th century.

Directed by veteran Greek director Manossos Manousakis, the show is adapted from Charis Sirkinidis’ novel of the same name. The $4M production is billed as the most expensive in Greek television history.

There are also mini-series on the slate SmyrnaExploring the events of the Turkish occupation of the Greek city of Smyrna in 1922 during the Greco-Turkish War of 1919-1922.

The four-part drama produced by Tanveer Films is a spin-off of the 2022 film of the same name, which was released in 700 screens in North America by Fathom Events last December.

The international cast includes Daphne Alexander, Mimi Denisi, Rupert Graves, Katerina Geronicoulou, Burak Hakki, Susan Hampshire, Leonidas Kakouris, Jane Lapotaire and Christos Stergioglou.

It is produced by Dionysis Samiotis alongside executive producers Joseph Saman and Mimi Denisi.

More titles include romantic-comedy #gaowezniIt is the first title on a development slate announced last summer between Tanveer and Saudi Arabian content company Arabia Pictures.

British-Egyptian star Amir El-Masri, whose credits include limbo, the industryNetflix’s the crown and Jessica Hausner Club ZeroPlays the role of a man who falls madly in love but cannot act on his feelings due to a spell cast on him.

The feature was released across the Middle East and North America last November and has just launched in the UK. It is scheduled to be released in Sweden, Switzerland, Holland, Luxembourg, Belgium and Austria in the first quarter of 2023.

Later titles include Lebanese comedy C-Section About two pregnant women from different social classes, who unwittingly share the same hospital room. It is due to be released in UK cinemas this March.

The company is looking to sign a new contract in 2019 EftihiyaAbout Greece’s legendary songwriter Eftihia Papagiannopoulou.

Produced by Tanvir Films, it is the fifth highest-grossing Greek film of all time.

“We are very excited to bring the best local language productions, for the global audience to enjoy,” said Khan.

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