‘The Bachelor’ recap: Jack and his suitors head to the Bahamas, where motives are questioned

Spoiler alert: This post contains details from Monday night’s episode of ABC Single.

Jack Shallcross and his remaining suitors head to the Bahamas on Monday night’s episode unmarried.

After an emotional rose ceremony and an early race exit the night before, Zach says he’s ready for this new “start over.” Heading into the fourth week, he plans to dig deeper into the connections he’s building with each woman, explaining that he wants to “take it up a notch.”

The first date of the week is spent. At this point in the process, many women are on edge about their connection to Jack. Upon hearing that she wasn’t selected for the one-on-one, Greer becomes emotional, explaining that she hasn’t had the chance to spend much time with Zak since the first impression that night.

Meanwhile, it was all smiles for Zach and Kat as they headed out on a sailboat for the day. They go snorkeling, dance around on the boat, and sneak in a kiss or two (or more), and they both separately confess that they’re very comfortable with each other.

Back at the villa, the other women are trying to turn their minds off one by one, to little avail. After having a romantic one-on-one date with Zach last week, Kaity says she’s worried their spark will fade in the coming weeks as he starts hooking up with other women. Anastasia says it’s clear that Zach has made his choices within the group and that she’s not one of them.

On the beach, Zach and Kat talk about their relationship. Zach tells her that he sees something in her that he wants to continue exploring and assures her that he wants to keep her around. During the date night portion, the pair share a candlelit dinner where Kat opens up about her upbringing, telling Zach that she appreciates that he grew up with stability. She says she struggled with her relationship with her mother growing up, and there was a time when she didn’t stay home because it became too stressful. But, she is looking for a partner with whom she can build a stable family. Zach tells her that it means a lot that she’ll open up to him and he wants to make sure who she loves for. As you can guess, he gets a rose at the end of the date.

The ladies get next date cards while Kat is away. It’s the group date, which will include Allie, Katy, Ariel, Davia, Genevieve, Anastasia, Kylie, Mercedes, Charity, Gabi, Jess, and Greer. That means Brooklyn will have its second straight of the week.

For this group date, Zach says he decided to take it easy. Instead of opting for something adventurous, he and the ladies have a beach party. At first everything seems to be going swimmingly, until the ladies start to feel that Anastasia is taking Zak’s attention away from everyone else. Kylie says she feels invisible, so she decides to try to steal her away from Anastasia, which causes some tension. But Kylie leaves the conversation when Zach tells her he thinks their relationship is going in a positive direction.

Anastasia isn’t happy, though, and that’s when things start to heat up. When Kylie interrupted her conversation with Jake, she asked for a few more minutes, and Kylie insisted that she would talk to Jake right away and that she wasn’t interested in fighting with Anastasia about it. Anastasia interpreted this as a threat, which she then told all the other women. This sets Kylie off, who isn’t thrilled that there’s drama going on around her.

The group date cocktail party went mostly without a hitch, until Anastasia brought up Kylie’s earlier comment. Trying to get ahead of the drama, Kylie tells Zach about their previous miscommunication and also reveals that she heard from Charity that Anastasia gained Instagram followers from being on the show (a big mistake on Bachelor Nation is admitting to being there for anything) true love. other than).

Naturally, this confuses Zach, and he addresses it with all the women, telling them that he’s concerned about what he’s heard about someone being there for the wrong reasons. He then drags Anastasia away for a one-on-one conversation and asks her if she’s really into him. He reveals some of what he heard about her, and she says none of it is true, but he leaves the conversation feeling confused as to why other women would lie about him.

While the rest of the women argue about what happened to Jack, Ariel sneaks off to get some alone time with him and make sure he’s okay. This earns her group date and leaves Anastasia and Kylie worried about their relationship with Zak.

For the Brooklyn date, the pair went ATVing through the island to a secluded beach. During the dinner date, Brooklyn tells him that she feels special that he chose this date for her, knowing that she will enjoy the adventure. She opens up about being physically and emotionally abused in a previous relationship, which makes her even more grateful for Zach accepting her. She tells Zach that she is ready to give her love to someone who truly deserves it and feels that kind of love in return. He left the date with a rose.

The ladies enter the cocktail party with mostly positive attitudes, eager to spend a few more minutes with Jack before the rose ceremony. But before anyone has a chance to speak to her, she enters the room and reminds the women how much she values ​​honesty, and then asks Anastasia to step aside for a conversation. He gives her a chance to defend herself about the Instagram debacle, but ultimately decides it’s time for her to go home. He makes it clear to women that, moving forward, he’s ready to focus on love.

This turns the night around and after several happy conversations, Zach hands out the rest of the roses for the week. Because Anastasia was sent home early, only Genevieve and Davia didn’t get roses this week.

The ladies returning next week are: Charity, Kaity, Gabi, Jess, Mercedes, Ally, Greer, Brooklyn, Ariel, Kat and Kylie.

Next week, Jack and the ladies are going to London.

unmarried Airs Monday nights at 8 pm ET/PT on ABC and is available the following day on Hulu.

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