Timothy Olyphant details shooting on set of ‘Justified: City Primeval’: “It was a terrible goddamn thing. It went on forever”

For the first time since the incident, Timothy Olyphant has shared in detail what the experience was like shooting on the set of FX. Justified: City Prival Last summer in Chicago.

Recently visited Conan O’ Brien needs a friend podcast, Oliphant recounts the fateful night when three cars crashed through the show’s barricades near the city’s Douglas Park and fired at least 100 rounds.

“It was the scariest thing,” Oliphant recalls. “It went on forever.”

The cast and crew of the limited series were used to hearing gunshots, having already filmed in a “bad neighborhood” in Chicago, Olyphant told O’Brien. But this time, the stakes were much higher as the odds were going right for them.

“You realize they’re coming around the park,” Oliphant said of the late-night incident. “If the gunshots didn’t already give you a tip about the kind of people we’re dealing with, they completely ignore the road closure sign where it says filming, don’t come this way.”

As most of the crew dove for cover, Oliphant said he managed to get a peek at the shooters in the second car. One leaned out the window with a pistol that was “clearly modified” while another stood on the sunroof and fired a machine gun, Oliphant recalled.

“It was very scary,” Oliphant said. “I assumed one would hit me. You just wait.”

As Deadline first reported, Olyphant admitted that he grabbed a production assistant named Ashley and threw her out of the way. “I know his name because I apparently saved his life,” he told O’Brien. “This is the weirdest thing, I’m wearing Raylan [Givens] The wardrobe stands behind this car. This is just like the show. So weird. what am i doing?”

The actor admitted that “we were a little understaffed” in terms of law enforcement presence. A week later, he was able to exchange stories with a policeman who was at the scene that night.

He called it a “battlefield”.

“He said it was one of his close calls,” Oliphant remembered. “He said in this situation, they are like us, they are going to take cover from then on [the bad guys] Shooting each other with machine guns. Getting involved either way just makes a big mess. It was fucked up. It was definitely crazy. People would say I was really cold [in the moment]. It’s funny, because I didn’t remember that.

Oliphant also said that he was the one who talked about possibly stopping production the next day. “We were supposed to shoot the next night in another bad part of town. I feel like I should speak up. I don’t want to shoot. I guess the crew doesn’t want to shoot. That day was more emotional.

An eight-episode limited series is planned for this summer Justified: City Prival It is a spinoff of FX’s 2010-15 hit justified and inspired by Elmore Leonard crime novels City Prival: High Noon in Detroit. It takes place seven years after its completion justified and followed Givens to his new home base in Miami after leaving Kentucky. Viewers will find Givens balancing life as Marshall and part-time father to 14-year-old Willa, played by Olyphant’s real-life daughter Vivian.

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