Trevor Noah opens the Grammys with a dig at Los Angeles

Trevor Noah opened the 65th annual Grammys Sunday from the top of the Crypto Arena … and a dig at Los Angeles.

“If you ignore some of the other cities, it’s the best city in the world,” he said before tossing the action into the opening performance of Bad Bunny.

This is Noah’s third Grammy hosting, returning to Los Angeles on Sunday after a stint in Las Vegas last year. The venue was adjusted for this post-pandemic event: tables replaced rows and rows of chairs in front of the stage, making it easier for ticket holders to travel in gorgeous lights with Bunny’s colorful troupe.

“Every time I listen to him, I get hips I didn’t know I had,” Noah commented. “This album is so fiery it makes Trump want to learn Spanish.”

“My job is to be your eyes, your ears, I’ll be floating around this room,” Noah continued. “Think of me like a Chinese spy balloon, collecting whatever you want, whatever I’m doing right now. This is the room where it all goes down. Look at all the faces. We have the best musicians, best performers, best producers in the world. Every song you listen to on TikTok is created by them. These are the stars.”

Here were more highlights from his opening monologue:

“Beyonce is in the house, people! You realize how amazing that is, right? Beyonce is nominated for her album, Renaissance, which in my opinion is better than anything from the actual Renaissance. Renaissance was just pictures of grapes and stuff. Beyoncé took it to another level. In fact, I was so inspired by the lyrics to Break My Soul that I actually quit my job. That was so powerful. I just wish you wrote a song to Beyoncé about the importance of saving before you quit.”

“Harry Styles is here tonight, everyone! That’s right. I mean, what can you say about this guy that hasn’t already been said? Incredible albums, mind-blowing tours … women drop their pants at this guy! And then he puts them on. And he looks better in them than in them! Easily the sexiest man in the world. No contest. The world’s sex symbol. Especially now that they killed Green M&M.”

More to come…

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