True-crime docuseries ‘Blood and Money’ set for CNBC from Dick Wolf’s Wolf Entertainment, Universal Television Alternative Studios and Alfred Street

Exclusive: is making its own Dick Wolf block after ordering a new true-crime docusery from CNBC Law and order the creator

Network is up blood and money, A series produced by Wolf Entertainment, Universal Television Alternative Studios and Alfred Street Industries.

The series is an unscripted series ripped from the title that features real stories, real people and real investigations of greed and murder, told through Wolfe’s lens.

A narrator and the iconic “don-dun” that Wolff often employs in his scripted series, the ten-part series spotlights detectives and prosecutors as they pursue money and pursue justice. It follows billionaire Robert Durst, the Menendez brothers, notorious mother-son grifter Sante. and explores the stories of the most infamous financial scandals that ended in bloodshed, including those of Kenneth Kimes Jr. and con artist Clark Rockefeller.

The series will begin on March 7 at 10 p.m., followed by a new episode of Wolff’s own Cold judgment. It begins with a story centered around Robert Durst. When a mobster’s daughter is murdered in LA, evidence leads investigators down an unexpected path that ultimately connects her to Durst, one of the most eccentric and dangerous real estate heirs in American history. New insights from detectives and prosecutors, access to family members and courtroom footage will reveal why Durst’s best friend was killed in her own home.

Blood and money A co-production of CNBC and Oxygen True Crime. Wolff, Tom Thayer, Dan Cutforth, Jane Lipsitz, Nan Strait, Dan Volpe and Josh Bingham executive produce for CNBC alongside Elvia Van S. Oliver.

The order comes as CNBC moves from primetime entertainment core. Deadline revealed that Dennis Contis and Timothy Kuryak have exited the network after the series was canceled Jay Leno’s Garage And Money Court.

It is the latest non-scripted series for Wolfe, who also produces Cold judgment and have LA Fire and Rescue Coming to NBC.

Alfred Street Industries, helmed by former Magical Elves duo Dan Cutforth and Jane Lipsits, is behind the series along with Netflix. Is it cake? And Bravo Project Runway.

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