VR production company Atlas V has signed with CAA

Exclusive: Paris, France-based VR production company Atlas V has signed on to represent CAA.

Atlas V has been nominated for three Emmy Awards, most recently winning first at the Children’s and Family Creative Arts Emmys for its interactive animation. Madrid Noir. Written and directed by James A. Castillo, Madrid Noir Follows an isolated young woman, Lola, as she arrives in Madrid to an empty apartment left behind after her estranged uncle is declared dead. Soon, Lola is forced to dig into her memories, where she will follow her uncle’s shadowy path and try to piece together the puzzles of the past.

Atlas V also earned four Sundance New Frontier selections, four Tribeca selections, two Peabody Awards, and two Webby Awards, as well as two SXSW Awards, among others.

The company has many anticipated projects for release in the next year, including an upcoming one Wallace and Gromit VR film; Several new titles for the upcoming XR device, due out in 2023; And some big Japanese anime IPs will launch in 2024.

In addition to creating and developing VR projects, Atlas V also has a subsidiary company, Albion, which focuses on games and immersive experiences, as well as a publishing distribution and marketing arm, Studio Services in Astria.

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