Watch ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’, ‘Flash’ and ‘Fast X’ Super Bowl Rise on Social Media

Exclusive: For the first time since the pre-pandemic period, a Super Bowl trailer broke the 100M view threshold on social media in the 24 hours following the big game.

It was Disney/Marvel Studios’. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 which received 134.1M views across TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter and Facebook as measured by social media analytics corporation RelishMix in their annual survey of the most-watched Super Bowl movie trailers.

In fact, the James Gunn-directed trilogy holds the RelishMix record for most-watched Super Bowl movie trailer after Big Game Day traffic. The movie opens at the summer box office on May 5. The last movie trailer to cross 100M views was Universal’s pre-Covid launch F9 During the 2020 Super Bowl that clocked in at 110.9M by the Miami concert on the Friday before that year’s Big Game Sunday.

Warner Bros./DC also had this year Flash (June 16) and Universal’s Fast X (May 19) which ranked as the third and fourth most-watched Super Bowl trailer in RelishMix history with 24-hour viewers of 97.4M and 94.1M, respectively. Last year, the Marvel Studios trailer Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness The post-game had the most traffic with 93.1M views.

This is important to note GOTG 3 And Flash Dropped their trailer cold on Super Bowl Sunday. Some studios are making a habit of dropping trailers for their big games days in advance, ie Uni posted Fast X trailer online Friday, the morning after an L.A. Thursday night launch party with Peak’s stars led by Vin Diesel, and Amazon Studios/MGM running air And with Paramount as well Scream VI Before the Super Bowl Sunday.

Overall, studios aired 13 trailers on Super Bowl Sunday this year, three titles more than last year’s ten. Since 2014, movie spots have averaged 11 per game. Most movie spots are front-loaded between games, with studios not knowing if there will be a hit — and 11 of the 13 actually played until halftime.

Two reasons for the increase in online viewership: With theaters reopening and tentpole moviegoers returning, Hollywood movie promotions are now working on their full octane. During Super Bowl 2021, when NYC and LA theaters were not open, there were fewer trailers (one less six) than the most watched movies. F9 (again), which only pulled in 44.5M views. People weren’t ready to go back to movies and studios weren’t ready to promote them.

Another factor contributing to more views for movie trailers is RelishMix’s TikTok inclusion.

“The measure continues to evolve as social platforms change from year to year — and use the same comparative statistics across each title from pre-game to the 24 hours after the game is posted the following Monday night — with the impact of big games spreading virally across the social word. Content is also shared and reposted by superfans,” reports Analytics Corp

Big win here for Warner Bros Flash As they usually sit on the sidelines during the Super Bowl when it comes to movie trailers. Among the social analytics services tapping the Burbank, CA lot, they report Flash It was the biggest trailer debut during the Super Bowl (Wavemetrics), the top ad in the game among all advertisers and the top performing Super Bowl movie trailer since 2018 (EDO) with #TheFlashMovie trending globally at both breadth (number of trending posts from Michael) from Keaton Supergirl) and duration ahead of other titles (Listen First). No statistics were provided. Still, hopefully Action David Zaslav, who runs Warner Discovery, will agree to drop more movie trailers at future Super Bowls. The studio released a one-sheet of the film the Friday before the game. DC co-chairman Gunn announced Flash as “probably one of the best superhero movies of all time”.

Check out RelishMix’s chart below:

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