Woody Allen’s latest movie ‘Coup de Chance’ heads to market with West End Films – EFM

Exclusive: Woody Allen’s latest film is heading to Berlin’s EFM market with Westend Films, we can reveal.

To date, plot details for Allen’s 50th film have been kept under wraps but we can reveal the contemporary romantic thriller, which was previously known Wasp 22, will tell the story of two young men whose bond leads to marital infidelity and ultimately crime. Above is a first look photo.

Allen’s first French-language movie was a “policiere” (as the French call it). match point and was shot across Paris. ‘Coup de Chance’ roughly translates to ‘Stroke of Luck’ in English.

The cast includes Lou de Laga, Melville Poupaud, Valérie Lemercier, Niels Schneider, Elsa Zilberstein, Barbara Goenaga, Grégoire Gadebois, Anne Loiret, Sarah Martins, Guillaume de Tonquedec and Arnaud Viard.

Allen’s longtime producing partner Letty Aronson is producing for Gravier Productions. Allen also has regulars such as veteran DP Vittorio Storaro, editor Alyssa Lepselter and costume designer Sonia Grande. Adam B. Stern is executive producer.

The director said today: “Coup de Chance A contemporary tale of romance, passion and violence set in contemporary Paris. Shot throughout the city and partly in the countryside, it revolves around a romance between two young men who are old friends and marital infidelity and eventually crime. It stars very talented French actors and actresses, is all in French and looks gorgeous as photographed by the great cinematographer Vittorio Storaro. I will shock the rest.”

Allen’s position in the industry remains complex. The filmmaker has been blacklisted following allegations by his ex-partner Mia Farrow that he molested their child. Allen has always denied the allegations and continues to work. Amazon Studios is among the partners to stop working with the director after pulling out of a lucrative distribution deal with him in 2019.

Annexation of West End Coup de Chance A new Woody Allen project has been brought to market by a UK or US-based sales company for the first time since FilmNation in 2015/16.

Westend also handles the rights to 16 other Woody Allen films viz match point, Blue jasmine flower And Rome with love.

“We are thrilled to continue our long-standing collaboration with Woody Allen and his team”, said Maya Amselem, Managing Director of Westend Films. “Coup de Chance It has all the ingredients of an exciting modern thriller with a great French cast and we can’t wait to share it with buyers around the world”.

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